The Machine Child
– course for personal assistents 

Course for care companies and the child’s network.

New energy and hope because we now have tools to move forward
— Former course participant
It has changed my mindset and my ability to have higher expectations/demands. He can do so much more
— Former course participant
We have changed the apporach also with the network -we are able to speak the same language, more concensus and clarity
— Former course participant

Curse description

Place: Stockholm

Time period: 4 weeks (next course undecided)

Price: 30 000 crowns + VAT

Target group: Care companies & the child’s network

Maximum number of participants: 5 groups , unlimited number of persons per child

Course instructor: Ulrika Myhr, Physical therapist pediatric specialist & Malin Larsson Physical therapist and parent to child with special challenges.

The machine child is combined practical and theoretical training for assistants to children and their network. For four intensive weeks we work with the children in his environment and with theoretical training one morning each week. During lectures the assistants and the network get knowledge that they can directly translate into action and challenge the child on the verge of his ability. You learn the importance of having positive expectations regardless of the starting point

The Machine Child is an active collaboration between Learn to Move and Motus Cognita. The origin is intensive education combined with assessment, creation of 3 goals and training for a month. As a participant you will gain knowledge and guidance that will make you understand "what is the problem?", How can we think in order to teach the child to develop, how can we create positive expectations regardless of the starting point? You learn how body, mind, tasks to solve, attention, environment play different roles that we systematically think about to create motivational tasks.

The first week is intensive with assessment and goal setting as well as a education. Lectures take place every Thursday morning during the period. Other weeks involve work with the child and lectures and the last week there is an evaluation of the goals set the first week. During the period, the participants will get information to work with, and we will guide, support, explain. It is an action-oriented education.


Ulrika Myhr
+46 (0)73-526 48 88