Meet colleagues and gain knowledge and practical tools to bring back to your clinical practice. The educations from Learn to Move are based on science, clinical experience, and a holistic perspective on children.


LTM delivers lectures on the subject of children, development, and learning. Whether you are a parent, educator, entrepreneur, professional, non-profit organization, or anyone else, you are welcome to contact us.


Are you a manufacturer, engineer, or designer creating products, environments, and systems for children? Then you can gain knowledge about the child’s body and how the product or environment affects children of different ages.

Online courses

An effective and smart way to develop and get inspired, where you decide when you want to take the course. Various packages are available with the option to participate in discussion groups and receive online guidance.

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We gather all advice in one place

Knowledge and learning are at the core of Learn to Move’s operations. Knowledge can be concrete, providing ‘how to’ instructions, or informative, answering ‘why’ or ‘how’ questions.

In the knowledge base, you’ll find information on a wide range of topics related to children, diagnoses, products, and much more.