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Learn to Move

Always with the best interests of the children in focus, drawing from experiences in Sweden and around the world.

Learn to Move was founded in 2004 by Ulrika Myhr and has since actively evolved through research projects, clinical activities, education, and innovation. The operation is based in Sweden and also undertakes international assignments. Learn to Move has several collaborative partners and is open to new proposals for exciting projects.


40+ years experience

Extensive experience in practical work.

After working since 1985 in Sweden, the USA, and Russia, I have an understanding of the myriad factors that can influence a child’s life.

Attentive and aware.

Understands the importance of listening to the needs of individuals and the group, while being aware of what works in practice.

Curious and playful.

With a keen interest in innovation and development within the field of motor skills, I aim to continuously improve.

Thirst for knowledge and creativity.

“All methods are good except the boring ones,” I learned as a newly graduated physiotherapist from my mentor Monica Steen, a pioneer in pediatric physiotherapy in Uppsala. Early on, I understood that play is the children’s work, and play is something we can engage in throughout our lives, even if it takes on a different form as adults. Maintaining an open mind and continually learning, preferably from those who ‘own the problem,’ is important and enjoyable. Within Learn to Move, several collaborations have occurred with individuals from other professional groups and with different perspectives, always with a focus on enabling children to thrive and develop. Knowledge and love for children drive me to constantly seek ways to problem-solve, allowing all children, regardless of illnesses and injuries, to participate in play, make choices, gain self-esteem, and self-awareness.

Background and Dreams

My background comes from the world of sports with experience from national teams and competitions. Today, my focus is far from ‘competition,’ but the experiences are invaluable, and I wish we could have the same approach towards children with disabilities as towards elite athletes. That we constantly renew ourselves, invest time and money to improve results, and win ‘gold’! That we stop ranking and see the value in allowing all children to develop from their starting point, recognizing that all progress and learning are equally important, whether it’s learning to use a hand or solving a mathematical problem. There are many stories to tell about children with special needs, and there are plenty of opportunities for development. If I were to dream, all special schools would have fantastic outdoor environments where the body and play could easily learn. If I were to dream, I would like to develop things to teach the brain to gain control over the body.

Founder Ulrika Myhr

Registered. physical therapis, MSc and pediatric specialist

Ulrika has extensive experience in clinical work, research, product dvelopment, teaching, writing, and innovation, with a special focus on motor development and pediatric neurology.

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