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Working with children with functional variations.

LTM has extensive experience in training within subjects such as motor development and DCD, whether you work in a school environment, therapy centers, or other healthcare institutions. We can also customize our training according to the customer’s needs, such as for parents or furniture designers. By combining evidence-based research with practical knowledge, we ensure that you develop skills that enable children with functional variations to reach their full potential.


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On-site and online courses.

Current training programs.

DCD – Developmental coordination disorder

Place: Stockholm
Number of days: 2, next session on January 26-27, 2024.”
Target audience: Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and physical education teachers.

Almost every class has a child with DCD-related challenges. Children with DCD have motor difficulties, sometimes making it impossible to sit still and stabilize their bodies. At times, it means they are clumsy, fearful, and require assistance to participate in play and sports.

“Incredibly good – excellent course material, knowledgeable speakers, interesting discussions, and a lot of new facts. – Previous course participant.”

Motor development and treatment of children – Basic course.

Place: Stockholm
Number of days: 2, next session on May 6-7, 2024.”
Target audience: Physiotherapists and occupational therapists.

The course in motor development and treatment of children provides essential foundations if you work with children. You learn what motor development is, how it differs from sports or other physical activities, and also what factors influence it.

You are a great source of inspiration! And make me proud to be a physiotherapist.” – Previous course participant.

Motor development 0-5 years – for child health care.

Place: Luleå August 31:st & Sundsvall September 28th 2023
Number of days: 1 day 09 am to 4 pm
Target audience:: Pediatricians, Child Health Nurses, General Practitioners, and other interested individuals.

New habits and trends have led to passivity even in newborns. Items marketed as ‘ergonomic’ are often passive-inducing. This course helps you understand how motor development occurs – how tasks and the environment affect the child, and the importance of programming certain motor fundamentals early on. You learn about the motor development in the preschool age and how it is linked to cognition and physical self-esteem.

“Very knowledgeable and good at conveying it” – Public Health Nurse Child Health Care

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