Learn to Move

Always with the children's best in focus with experiences from Sweden and the world.

Learn to Move was founded by Ulrika Myhr in 2004 and has since then actively evolved through research projects, clinical activities and education. The business is based in Sweden and also works with assignments internationally. Learn to Move has several partners and is open to new proposals for exciting projects.


Searching for knowledge and creativity

"All methods are good except the boring ones", was taught to me as a newly hatched physical therapist by my mentor Monica Steen, pioneer in child physical therapy in Uppsala. Early on, I understood that play is the children's work and play is something we can devote ourselves to throughout life, even if it happens in a different manner when we become adults. Keeping an open mind and constantly learning, preferably learning from those who "own the problem" is important and fun. Within Learn to Move, several collaborations have taken place with people from other occupations and with other approaches, always focusing on enabling children to feel good and develop. Knowledge and love for children is the driving force for constantly looking for ways to solve problems so that all children, regardless of illnesses and injuries, can participate in play, make choices, gain self-esteem and self-knowledge.

Background and dreams

My background comes from the sports world with experience from national teams and competition. Today my focus is far from "competition" but the experience is invaluable and I wish we could get the same attitude towards children with disabilities as to elite athletes. We need to constantly renew ourselves, invest time and money to improve results and win "gold"! We need to disregard rank order and see the value when all children can developed from their starting point, and that all development and learning is equally important whether it is about learning to use the hand or solving a mathematical problem. There are many stories to tell about children with special needs, and there are plenty of development opportunities - if I had to dream, all special education schools would have fantastic outdoor environments that invited the body to learn and play - if I could dream I would like to develop products that teaches the brain to gain control of the body

Holistic perspective

Having worked since 1985 in Sweden, the USA and Russia, I have an understanding of the myriad of factors that can affect the child's life - partly factors in the child himself, both physical and mental, and partly the influence of the parents and the school as well as the different community functions and attitudes that can help or limit a child who needs help.


Ulrika Myhr

Licenced Physical Therapist, MSc, Pediatric Specialist

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