Learn to Move is an Education and Consultation company with its vision to spread knowledge about motor development in children in order for the children to be able to reach their full potential.


Course in motor development and Treatment of Children is given every year in May. This course teaches you what motor development is and how it differs from sports or other types of physical activity. It will teach you what factors that influence motor development. You also learn about the basis of analysis of movement, understanding how strength, balance and coordination develop according to logical rules. Development also contains attention to our senses, psychological health and self-esteem which we will analyze and discuss. This basic knowledge is important for all that work with children and teenagers despite in which area; hospital, out-patient, school, habilitation, psychiatry or other agency. Also, if you work with adults that have a motor ability that resembles a child, it is important to understand how you learn motor skills during development. If you understand this,  you can create the exact task that is the next step in motor learning and development. Preliminary date for next course is May 4-5 2017. This course will be given in Swedish.

The book is published
The book named “Sitting Children” came out in June 2015. At the moment it is available in swedish only.
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Increased time sitting still give health problems such as obesity, inactivity and depression. There are also children with motor problems with difficulty sitting still. Poor furniture influence child health negatively while a good working environment creates a base for learning. “Sitting Children” concern highly up to date issues such as inactivity, ergonomics of siting and the relationship between physical and mental health in children. You will get: • Understanding for obesity, inactivity, lack of motor development and mental health • Knowledge about factors of importance for motor development in children • Strategies for helping children with difficulty sitting still in the classroom • Knowledge about physical self-esteem • Help in ordering school furniture The book is written to those that work with children in schools, health care, social services or with furniture and school environment. Click here if you want to order “Sittande barn“.
The Movie – Motor development 0-2 years
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This DVD that describes motor development in children from newborn until 2 years of age and factors that influence development. It also brings upp current issues such as head shapes, leg& foot development and sitting in strollers.  In order to learn more about the DVD, and to order press here.