Learn to Move is an Education and Consultation company with its vision to spread knowledge about motor development in children in order for the children to be able to reach their full potential.

Education for physical therapists, child health care personell, pre-school and school personell

Learn to Move offers a variety of courses, half-day, full-day and two-day courses. If you want to tailor an education this is also possible.

Every year in May a course is held regarding motor development and treatment of children.  Next years course will be slighly different from previous and include more analysis of movement and case discussions. Date for next course is May 3-4, 2018. .  To register your interest and receive updates about the course send an e-mail to Ulrika@learntomove.se.

Decision to remove European Standard for school furniture!

Learn to Move has participated actively in the Swedish Standardization Institute´s School Furniture Work group, and pushed to remove the current European Standard. The International standard  was just dropped (ISO standard) but unfortenutely the Europena standard remains. It  is purely negative and lacked knowledge regarding anatomy and ergonomics. In a study regarding school furniture, it was found that neither  schools nor furniture compainies adheres to the standard available. Knowledge is been lacking and furniture has often been too low and ordered by persons that lack knowledge of sitting ergonomics. Now the work to create  a new standard continues – hopefully a dynamic standard that takes into consideration work position and resting position.

This picture shows the European standard to the left. To the right is an illustration of how children choose to sit when they can change height and inclination of seat and table . Children make good choices when given the opportunity.

Learn to move introduces consultation for personell within health, education and social services.

Consultation prescriptions are divided into packages of 5 hours, 10 hours and 20 hours per year. Meetings/consultation can take place by telephone, skype or in a regular meeting. To learn more read under “Education” and press DVD and motor development”.

The Movie – Motor development 0-2 years – now available in English!

At last! The DVD concerning Motor Development from 0-2 year is now available in English . It is available both for individual persons and for workplaces and educational institutions. For private persons it can be bought in “shop” and will be sent to you as a file do download through wetransfer. For educational institutions and work places licensing rights are available.

This DVD that describes motor development in children from newborn until 2 years of age and factors that influence development. It also brings upp current issues such as head shapes, leg& foot development and sitting in strollers.  In order to learn more about the DVD, and to order go to “Education – press dvd motor development”

News – trend report regarding schools and education is out – Learn to move participates among Nordic reserachers and professionals.

Future trends in schools are presented in Kinnarsp newly released Trend report. Learn to move has participated with Nordic researchers and professionals whom with help of Kairos Future conducted a study to identify trends and phenomnea. The first and biggest trend is that schools need to pay attention to the body – in learning and in all different ways! The report will also be available in english.

The book is published
The book named “Sitting Children” came out in June 2015. At the moment it is available in swedish only.
Bild 3
Increased time sitting still give health problems such as obesity, inactivity and depression. There are also children with motor problems with difficulty sitting still. Poor furniture influence child health negatively while a good working environment creates a base for learning. “Sitting Children” concern highly up to date issues such as inactivity, ergonomics of siting and the relationship between physical and mental health in children. You will get: • Understanding for obesity, inactivity, lack of motor development and mental health
• Knowledge about factors of importance for motor development in children
• Strategies for helping children with difficulty sitting still in the classroom
• Knowledge about physical self-esteem
• Help in ordering school furniture
The book is written to those that work with children in schools, health care, social services or with furniture and school environment. Click here if you want to order “Sittande barn“.