Motor development and treatment of children – introduction 

Course for physical therapists.

You are a great source of inspiration! And make me proud to be a physical therapist
— Former course participant
Incredibly much knowledge – good with case presentations
— Former course participant
Everything was great ! – I am so inspired and want to return back home and work!
— Former course participant

Course description

Place: Stockholm

Number of days: 2 (next course May 4-5, 2020)

Price: 5000 crowns + VAT

Target group: Physical therapists, other professionals working with children and motor development

Course instructor: Ulrika Myhr, Physical therapist specialist in pediatrics with over 30 years experience from clinical work, research and teaching

The course in motor development and treatment of children gives you the necessary basics if you work with children. You learn what motor development is, how it differs from sports or other physical activities, and also what factors affect it. You learn basics in movement analysis, understanding how strength, balance and coordination develop according to special logical rules. Development also includes attention to the senses, mental health and self-esteem, which we also map and think about. These bases are important for anyone who works with children and young people regardless of where it takes place: primary care, hospital, schools, psychiatry, habilitation or other. You will have practical applicable knowledge that will enable you to teach children the next step in development.

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Ulrika Myhr
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