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Information regarding web course

In May 2019, the first web course will be opened which will give you the opportunity to learn and study at your own pace in your own place. You can take the course individually or with colleagues.

The course will be provided in english at a later starting date.

Keep an eye open for:

Learn to Sit – Sitting development in children – from passive to active sitting.

This course teaches you about the importance oft understanding the first period in the child's life that is the starting key for activating muscles and the brain gaining control of the body. Step by step you will learn how the skeleton, muscles and nervous systems develop when the child evolves from passive to active sitting with control of balance and movements. You will learn how to assess basic functions to create appropriate tasks and also understand how the design of seats, strollers and other gadgets can help or impair development. As extra material you will get an exercise bank to use directly in your daily work. Once you have completed this course you will feel secure and have expectations of when and how children learn to sit actively, which creates the conditions for communication and play.