Course for educators in primary schools

Learn to move organizes training aimed at those who work with children in primary school. Education regarding motor development, learning, trends, school furniture and school environments as well as children with neuropsychiatric disorders is important for all school staff. Learn to move has solid knowledge and experience of current subjects which means that we have new challenges with regard to physical and mental health, inactivity, obesity and increased amount of children with concentration difficulties.

Sitting children

The book "Sitting children" started as a guide to order school furniture. Unfortunately, neither "European standard" nor recommendations from furniture companies are based on knowledge of sitting ergonomics. With knowledge, the school can create a work environment that provides a basis for being able to work in the school. For physical education teachers who teach sitting ergonomics, the book is a tool with many illustrations. Children today sit many hours a day, often with extended neck, and it is common to have symptoms form the neck and spine at an early age. The Sitt ergonomic section of the book will help you to change poor sitting and feel secure regarding how to order new furniture to different age groups.

The book also addresses children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD). These children need to be noticed and understood at school. They have a delayed motor development and it affects social interaction and learning.

Sitting children take up trends today and try to define concepts and distinguish them: motor development, sports, inactivity, physical self-esteem, dcd etc. In particular, we need to have new ways to respond to the great mental health problems and understand how it is linked to the body and physical self-esteem.

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