Course for preschool personell

Learn to move creates education aimed at those who work with children in preschool. A lot happens with sensory- and motor-development during preschool. The skills learned at age four are particularly important and need attention. If the child has difficulty with motor skills compared to children of the same age, it will affect the ability to participate in play, and sometimes the child becomes a "no-sayer". Six percent of children have DCD, or developmental coordination disorder - they are not performing like peers and have some difficulties with everyday functions such as cutting food or getting dressed, and can have other attentional challenges. If they get help early, you can create a positive development. In education about preschool children, we go through the basics of motor development during preschool age, and how to help those who fall behind. We will talk about what tasks children need to get and how the environment can be designed to facilitate learning - both outdoor environment and indoor environment. You will also learn how attention issues can be rooted in the motor skills and how you can adapt pedagogy in order for the child to learn attention

This training can be done as a half or full day course for staff in preschool. Cost suggestions can be obtained upon request.