Course for personell in primary care

For those of you who work in child health care - nurse, doctor, midwife etc. here is an opportunity to receive education that is up to date and concerns new challenges such as asymmetric head shapes, delayed and lack of motor development and assessment of young children.

You will receive updated research regarding consequences for the spine and its impact on motor skills, language and cognition as well as the brain's anatomy. In the case of residual plagiocephaly (asymmetric head shape), the structures of the brain eg. the posterior part of the brain, corpus callosum and also the cerebellum can be affected. This is a development that needs to be stopped and highlighted in Sweden in the same way as in other countries. We will also show how different gadgets for the youngest child can help or impair development. In the course you learn how motor skills and mental health are united and how parents can be supported in helping their child who "does not want" lie in prone, or where the parents' fear affects the child's development

This training is currently given as a full-day education through the educational company Expomedica. The next course is in Malmö on the 24th of May. In the autumn, the training will be held in Örebro on November 12 and in Stockholm on November 14. Here is a link course information.

For more information please contact Learn to Move.