DVD about motor development 0-2 years

DVD – learn more about motor development – now available as file that can be downloaded

A film about children's motor development 0-2 years as well as in-depth information regarding skull asymmetry, foot and leg development and the influence of strollers on the sitting position. This is an educational film that caters to everyone who works with children and to parents. Facts about the film: The film is about the first two years of the child's motor development. The film describes the development steps that the child passes and highlights the factors that influence development. Eight children and a preschool group illustrate how the child learns motor skills from lifting the head to crawling to running and jumping. The film also contains in-depth studies on skull asymmetries in babies, feet and bone development, and how strollers affect the child's sitting position. Total length 28 minutes.


Ordering the movie Learn to move -motor development 0-2 years

This is an educational film and is sold to educational institutions, work places and also to private persons.

The cost for private persons is 500 crowns. In order to down load the film visit our webshop and follow instructions.

Learn to move has copyright to the film, all copying of the film is prohibited

Professions– educational institutions

Institutions and work places within healthcare, education or social work can buy the film to be used for work. The film can be shown to others but cannot be shared or copied unless you buy copying rights. When requests for special solutions for many users please contact Learn to Move.

The cost per user is 500:-. Payment can be done through invoice or by payment from webshop. When using invoice please send e-mail till ulrika@learntomove.se, state number of downloads that you wish for and to which e-mail address the link will be sent to. Also send information regarding invoice with specification of references, address and other information that is necessary.