To put it simply.


Lecture: There is a great interest in understanding more about children, development and learning. Lectures are available to you as a parent, educator, professional, entrepreneur, voluntary organization or other. You have the possibility to special order a lecture of your interest.



Meet colleagues, increase your knowledge and get practical tools that you can use in clinical work. The courses from Learn to Move are based on scientific evidence, clinical experience and a holistic perspective on children.

Online courses

An effective and smart way to learn and be inspired. You decide what and when you want to study. Different packages will be available with the opportunity to take a course as an individual or participate in discussions and receive feedback on line


Consulting & innovation support

Do you manufacture products? Are you an engineer or a designer? In designing products and environments you can gain knowledge about the child's body and how the product or the environment interacts with the child and improves function. A growing child has different needs - products and environments will be successful when understanding needs at different ages.


All knowledge in one place.

Knowledge and learning is the core of Learn to Moves business. Knowledge can be concrete "do this" or informative with answers to "why" or "how"? In the knowledge base you will find facts about many different subjects concerning children, diagnoses, products and other things.