Sitting and sitting positions

Lecture directed at physical therapists occupational therapists and ergonomists.


Course description

Time: 2 hours

Target group: Physical therapists, arbetsterapeuter och ergonomer

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of anatomy

Lecturer: Ulrika Myhr, specialist in pediatric physical therapy with research and teaching experience regarding sitting

If you want to improve seating for the people you meet, this lecture provides you with tools that help you change and improve. You learn here how you can analyze both the human and its bodily functions to understand what expectations you can have on an active sitting and on a resting. You also get knowledge of how a chair's design can help or impair a good sitting position.
Whether you are at a workplace, a retirement home, a school or a healthcare facility, you can easily improve sitting when you notice a problem. In the lecture you learn principles for a dynamic sitting position, an interaction between activity and rest. You get a guide for heights of chairs and tables at different body lengths, you have to think about the difference between sitting at a table with or without a screen. You learn how the pelvis, back and neck form the stable part of the sitting and how vision, neck and the vestibular system affect posture. You learn to make better choices and can make more specific requirements that are adapted to the individual.

This lecture is held in the place of your wish.


Ulrika Myhr
+46 (0)73-526 48 88