Lecture directed at parent groups and interest groups.


Course description

Time: 2 hours

Target group: Parent groups and associations

Prior knowledge: None

Lecturer: Ulrika Myhr, specialist in pediatric physical therapy, educator

This lecture has the child in focus and aims to increase knowledge and create interest and expectations of leraning for everyone with disability. Many parents lack basic knowledge of what causes physical symptoms and, above all, how to think in order to find many new ways of learning and playing. Here you will learn more about motor skills and the perception of movement and how the motor development affects cognition, attention and learning. You get an understanding of how you can help your child learn everyday functions such as eating and dressing and also improving motor function. The focus is on having a structure around "what is the problem?" and find strategies to respond at the right level. It is also crucial to understand the importance of having clear achievable goals to pursue and strategies to reach them.

The lecture can be held at the place the client wishes.


Ulrika Myhr
+46 (0)73-526 48 88