E-learning course about the childs sitting development

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Now the e-learning course about children's sitting development is ready. At the moment it is available in swedish but the plan is to translate the course and make it available in english. In the course you will learn how the child in the newborn period lacks sitting ability but need to trigger the very goal of the sitting balance, until the child about six months later sits straight with good posture and balance. If you understand all the small details of the child's sitting development, you can also identify when there are problems - and of course - provide adequate tasks that will make the child learn and develop. Learning to sit is a process where some parts are automatic but others need training by the child by getting tasks - even falling - and learning more. Click the link to find out more: https://learn-to-move-education.teachable.com/p/learn-to-sit-aktivt-sittande

Ulrika Myhr