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All parents that want to buy a stroller need to consider factors of importance for the grown-up and the child. Below you can find information regarding the sitting position in the sitting part of a stroller – in other words how well the child is seated. Children vary in how early they sit, it is related to their motor development. A child that can lie on his/her stomach and start to move around in a circle, not yet crawling, normally have sufficient strength in order to sit in a stroller even if they lack full balance in sitting on a floor. In order to learn full balance the child needs practice and with a good stroller it can help the child to learn. Even when the child sits still, the stroller moves and the child has possibility to develop equilibrium reactions in order to improve balance.

Horizontal surface gives good posture and variation between activity & rest

In a sitting stroller the child ought to vary between sitting straight up with a good posture and lying down to rest when tired. When the child sits upright there is no need for back support, sometimes there is a need for a belt in the hip-pelivs joint in order to give stability. The childs motor ability and the shape of stroller affect the sitting position of the child. In order to be able to sit upright with a good posture the most important prerequisite is a seat that is in a horizontal position. This gives possibility for a good pelvic position which in turn creates a straight back. The back is straight when watching from in front or behind. When looking from the side it has a curvature, lordosis of the lumbar spine, kyphosis of the thoracic spine and a lordosis of the neck. This is a natural curvature. On the other hand sitting with a rounded “C-shaped” back, or “poor posture” gives weakness the same way as when you bend a pen or a stick. The rounded part becomes weak. With a rounded back discs are compressed and ligaments stretched. Grown ups get aches form this sitting position. A backward tilted pelvis gives a C-shaped spine, and the child sits on an uphill slant and does a “sit-up”. A neutral or forward tilted pelvis gives a straight back with normal curvature. The child maintains the position with postural muscles of neck and back, which is natural and easy. The feet can be supported either horizontally or when the child is older, the foot rest can be put down in a lower position. If you tilt the foot support in an angle above horizontal, it will affect the pelvic position to become backward tilted and the back is rounded. The same thing happens when the seat has a so called “hammock” shape. Also there the pelvis is tilted backwards and the spine becomes rounded. A normal horizontal seat is best for the Childs sitting position.

Resting position and foot support

When the child wants to rest, he/she wants to change position and open up the angle between the thigh and the spine. Just like us grown-ups the child wants to straighten out when resting. It is therefore beneficial if a stroller can have a horizontal seat where the back support can be lowered to different angles without affecting the seat. The feet can either be in the horizontal position or hang down when the child is older. Some strollers tilt the chair in one and the same position – forward or backward. In this case the child cannot change position in a natural order, and the feet are up in the air which is unnatural and unnecessary

. Bra_barnvagn

Good sitting & resting position – the child uses postural muscles and learns balance

Dålig barnvagn
Poor sitting position that creates weakness and lack of balance

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